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H&H offers lessons for all ages and all levels

Looking to start a new adventure?? Thinking about starting english riding lessons again?? Want to excel in the hunter equestrian sport, and be seen at the "A" shows? Horse and Hound Stables is the place for you.

Stephanie, the owner and head-trainer, is capable of bringing you to the top with her many years of experience and drive to excel, and to find the perfect harmony between horse and rider. If you are passionate about the sport and want to reach for the stars, she will work on a personalized program with you.

Riding lessons are available for boarders and non-boarders. If you do not own a horse H&H Stables has several lesson horses available, and there are frequently horses available for half lease for people that enjoy more involvement in the care of a horse.

Riding Amenities

Every rider (boarder and non-boarder) can enjoy:

  • one large (135' x 220'), well-lit outdoor arena
  • one spacious (80' x 200'), well-lit covered arena
  • hunt field
  • grassy turnout paddocks for both individual and group turnouts
  • spacious tack room
  • bathroom with corner shower

The tack room has two large viewing windows which face out towards the arenas.  There is a comfortable, air-conditioned office with refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker as well as a tv and dvd area available for watching training opportunities or your next equine purchase.  


  • 30 min on own or leased horse: $35
  • 30 min on H&H horse: $40

There is no extra charge for private lessons, and we recommend to start with private lessons to assess your individual needs, and give you and/or your child the attention you deserve.